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1. Does Kali TV have a white paper?
Our current white paper is located here ,

2. How do I exchange my Kali dollars for cash?
Kali TV will have Kali dollars listed on cryptocurrency exchanges very soon

3. How can I send someone Kali dollars
Please get the “receivers” wallet address public key information and send it directly to that address.

4. Can I buy Kali Dollars?
Users will be able to purchase Kali Dollars on a cryptocurrency exchange very soon.

5. How can I become a blockchain validator?
In order to become a blockchain validator you must submit you public notary license to info@kali-tv.com for manual approval

6. How do I recover my email?
Please click the “Forgot Password” link underneath login page for steps on password recovery

7. Can I store my Kali Wallet offline?
Currently Kali wallets can only be stored online but will have offline capability very soon.


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